At Medii Skin Studio, you can undergo non-surgical skin tightening treatments and resolve loose skin, fine lines and wrinkles. The skin care experts at Medii Skin Studio provide in-office skin tightening treatments so that you can reverse the effects of aging without surgery.

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What is skin tightening? How does it work?
Skin tightening is to lift and tighten wrinkly, loose, sagging skin.
At Medii Skin Studio, radiofrequency energy is applied to the skin to stimulate a cascade of healing events. In this process, collagen and elastin fiber production are increased causing your skin to tighten and smooth over the following weeks. 

Which area can we tighten?
Medii Skin Studio offers skin tightening treatment designed to enhance the appearance of your skin. Not only can skin tightening treatments minimize the appearance of crow’s-feet, forehead lines, sagging eyelids, and other age-related facial imperfections. Loose skin and ageing skin will be a thing in the past. 

What results can I expect?