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Why Dr Ingky loves it

The combination of NANO MD (Pycogenol, Tomato Phytoconcencentrate, L-Cysteine) and NIHON Brightening Face Creme (Retinol, Pearl powder, Arbutin, Kojic Acid) is amazing to naturally reverse pigmentation, UV damage, reduce acne scars, reduce acne, resulting in clear, flawless, brighter skin 


Pycogenol - acts as a powerful antioxidants, providing protection to the skin & able to maintain collagen level 

Tomato Phytoconcentrate - neutralizes the harmful effects of UV light

L-Cysteine - Lightens pigment

Helps improve the deep structure of your skin

Works well for Pigmentation, melasma, dark spot, acne prone skin, combination skin, whitehead and black head. 

Reduce acne and acne scar

Brighten and improve skin texture both through internal and external routes


Swallow one whole tablet once a day with water

In the morning and night, cleanse and pat dry face with towel. Apply NIHON Brightening Face creme throughout the face followed by your choice of sunblock.